Research shows African drumming can improve health and well-being

No matter what culture we come from, everyone loves music. Music has the power to touch us and trigger emotional responses in ways that nothing else can. African drumming is one of the most ancient ways of creating this visceral connection - it seems that no matter your age or background there is something about African rhythms that manages to awaken our life energy without fail, have you ever wondered why?

Recent studies have show that African drumming can lower stress and improves brain function and cardiovascular health. Definitely anyone who has experienced a drumming circle knows the trans-formative power of rhythm, how it can uplift, inspire and ‘get into’ our bodies - Of course anybody with a beating heart knows we have our own body rhythm going on inside with every breath!

Research shows that it is likely that basic drumming rhythms emerged long before humans even developed the capability of using the lips, tongue and vocal organs as instruments of speech and communication. So it’s no wonder that drumming is an activity that can be accessible to any age - from babies right through to the older generation. Here at The Knowing Project we are constantly amazed at the way African drumming manages to energise and engage all types of people we work with - it’s almost impossible not to smile when you are creating rhythms, synchronising with others and making a big sound!

Like Bob Marley said ‘One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain’. Sometimes the most simple ancient tools we have are all we need to experience peace, healing and happiness