Our Story



THE KNOWING PROJECT delivers programs that promote wellbeing using the ancient tools of African music and culture. Our programs assist children on their educational journey to develop the social emotional skills they need to be agile, resilient and thrive.

We're inspired by the power that African music and arts hold as a tool to educate, engage  and connect people from all walks of life. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we have over 15 years experience educating young people, bringing communities together and inspiring leadership. 

Founded by award-winning musician and educator Lamine Sonko, The Knowing Project was built on the knowledge that music and the arts is a universal language that we all understand. It has the ability to break down barriers, promote social emotional learning and teach people how to relate and connect to each other in ways that are becoming increasingly evident though scientific research.

African music and cultural traditions are rooted in ancient socio-emotional philosophies, based on our universal human need to connect, to have purpose, identity and belonging. Recent studies have identified the increasingly important role that these traditional music and cultural approaches can play in improving the social emotional skills that students need to improve their well-being and resilience in a complex, information-rich, globalised world. .

what we do

We deliver wellbeing programs using African music and culture to develop social emotional learning at all levels of the education sector, from early years through to secondary school. We also design and deliver programs for workplace and community well-being and resilience, where music is used as a tool to strengthen social cohesion and inclusion.


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