School Programs

Our programs for schools develop students’ social and emotional learning using the ancient tools of African music and culture.

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Under The Baobab Tree integrates a framework of Social Emotional Learning with African music and cultural knowledge to improve well-being, social cohesion, mindfulness and resilience. The program has been developed using evidence-based research that identifies music and specifically drumming as an effective tool to enhance social and emotional learning (SEL). Under The Baobab Tree teaches students drumming, body percussion and African chanting within a SEL framework that emphasises connecting with self, each other and the community through physical, sensory and emotional awareness. Students who participate in these programs have improved academic outcomes, demonstrate more positive social behaviour and are less likely to engage in risky and disruptive behaviour.


This program is run by our facilitators over 4 weeks (1 session per week). Sessions run for 50 minutes and are suitable for classes of up to 30 students. The program also includes the development of a drumming ensemble performance that is suitable for an end-of-term event or school graduation.

PROGRAM outline

Sessions cover the social emotional learning competencies of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Responsible Decision-making. These competencies are implemented through a combination of musical practice and group discussion in which we draw on African storytelling traditions based on ancient socio-emotional philosophies.

Musical Practice:

  • Students learn about poly-rhythms and ‘call and response’ drumming.

  • Students learn form, structure and dynamics of playing in an ensemble

  • Body percussion exercises and chanting songs

  • Students learn about engaging with each other and audience through performance.

Discussion through Storytelling:

  • Celebrating diversity and understanding our commonalities.

  • Working together to create a positive environment

  • Balancing our feelings and focusing on positive emotions.

  • Making good decisions.


Under The Baobab Tree offers a cross-curriculum approach covering the learning areas of Health and Physical Education and The Arts. This includes developing skills to understand themselves and others, manage their relationships, develop empathy for others and work effectively and constructively in teams. Students learn about engaging with diverse cultures in ways that recognise commonalities and differences, create connections with others and cultivate mutual respect.


  • Personal and Social Capability

  • Intercultural Understanding

  • Critical and Creative Thinking


  • $2600 + GST - full 4 week program

  • Suitable for groups of up to 30 students.

Suitable for: Years 3 - 11